Hello world!

Hello world!

Or should I say “Welcome back”? Because in all honesty, this is me getting back on track with blogging.

Just a quick recap for all you guys new in here, I started blogging back in 2017 and it was all about fashion, thrifting, style tips and the like. But I haven’t really opened a blog site for it yet. I was just sharing my love for all things fashion through Instagram. But then my likes and interests changed over time.

Zero waste living or some call it “conscious living, intentional living, green living” has been one of my interests. I was so in love with the whole idea so I changed some of my lifestyle through it especially the fashion side. I was more intentional on that part. Then I started sharing bits and pieces of my life on the four corners of Instagram squares. I was still sharing my love for fashion and style but with less waste lifestyle on the side. Thus, the IG handle “allthingsrebecca” was born!

The love for blogging quickly escalated so I created and launched my website in 2018 without any idea how the whole thing goes. I was more concerned of how my website will look like, design-wise, if it was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of my audience without taking into consideration the value of content I should put into it. I also did not know for sure about what to write and what to focus on. Because of that, I was in and out of the blogging world. I kind of lost track with my purpose and goals.

But! Here I am again! Now with a different handle, brand and niche! It’s all about interior design, DIY and home decor. I’ve always been in love with design for as long as I can remember! “Crafter” is what I consider myself as. When I was little, I would gather all my cute notebooks before the school year starts and pick the ones I like to keep for myself. I would be happy going inside a craft store or even a bookstore! I even dreamed of opening up a bookstore when I grow up. Just because I love cute stationary papers, pens, markers, etc.

When high school graduation came, I wasn’t sure what course I want to take up in college. I know deep down inside that I don’t want to be a teacher. But guess what, it happened! And I guess it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to truly find my passion in life.

Working as a teacher in my first teaching job has opened my eyes to get back to what I enjoy most: design. Design in any field, no specifics! That’s when I know I wanted to be an Interior Designer. But the hometown where I grew up, did not have the opportunity for that and the course is too expensive knowing that I already used up my parents’ money for college. I guess I somehow wasted years of my life trying to find what I really enjoy the most but I couldn’t be any happier to get to this day when I know what truly makes me the happiest. I still feel grateful for that.

That’s quite of a story huh? I am glad I found my way into the world of blogging. It’s the only place where I get to be with my passion! To share my overflowing love for DIY, home decor and design. Once again, hello and welcome to my little corner of the blogging world. I’m so glad you’re here and it’s nice for you to drop by! I hope you follow along with me in this journey.

I’m happy you’re here and I am excited to share all our home renovations, DIY decor and share all about my motherhood journey!

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